Odd News for February 19, 2016

Good morning Fellow Odd Folk!
We had such a fantastic meeting last night. 
With energy still running high from the 1st Annual Odd Fellows Sweetheart Dance, our Fundraising Committee reported a total of $1608.54. 
There are not  enough words to thank Sisters Linda Phipps, Sandy McGinnis and Bryna Grig for making this event happen.
One thousand six hundred eight dollars to give to people in need in our area. Thank you so very much to everyone who helped, and to everyone who contributed.


We celebrated the Ritual of Initiation for three new Odd Fellows this week!  Seth & Blythe Hilliard, Chris Day.. Welcome to our family!

Initiations 2/18/16

We had 17 members and 2 visitors present this week. We were joined by 4th District Deputy Grand Master Gerald McAlister from Lincolnton and Tom Walker from Hope Lodge in Wilkesboro.
It was good to see Brother Tom. The loss of his wife Ann recently, combined with his own health issues, he said he hasn’t been to a Lodge meeting all winter. Let’s keep him in our prayers.
Brother Gerald spoke some words of praise for our exuberant growth and momentum.. But a few of warning also, reminding us that we must keep our hearts focused on helping  others,  guarding ourselves against an attitude of ‘what’s in it for me’, or we shall surely fail. 


For The Good Of The Order

Thank you to Jim Lambert for fixing the leaky kitchen sink and for keeping such a close eye on the pipes during all this cold weather!
Two motions were made and unanimously carried to help folks in distress in our community.

The first, Edith Lambert, to finish paying for her new glasses.  We had given $140 last week.. So another $140 this week, combined with the $200 from West Jefferson Lions Club means Edith can pick up her new glasses from Dr Volmer’s office today!

There is a fundraiser going on for Benny Coe up at Riverview Community Center next week. He has brain cancer and his wife is not in good health, she is trying to take care of him and continue working to keep insurance.  A $300 donation was unanimously approved.

Brothers Donny Moseley and Terry Saunders went and worked on a furnace problem for some folks that Linda knew about. Donny said they would  keep us up to date as that situation progresses.
Thank you to all who brought food last night. Jefferson Lodge #38 felt happy and full of life, we now have 27 active and involved members.
Just… Wow..



A bit of sad news this morning, in our Facebook news feed from Coral Rebekah Lodge in Miami, FL.

Sad day.  Sad news.  Latin American lodge 86 lodge caught fire.  Everything is lost.  .building is host to Rebekah Lodge, Oddfellow, and other organizations for many years.  Hopefully the building will be able to be  re done.  I don’t have many details.

Hopefully they will keep us up to date as they make decisions for rebuilding and replacing artifacts.. Prayers!

In Friendship Love & Truth,
Nancy Weaver


2 thoughts on “Odd News for February 19, 2016”

  1. I love hearing the good in Ashe County. It is like plugging my spirit in for a recharge. Very sad about the fire but you can’t keep good people down. May God bless them beyond measure in rebuilding.

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