Odd News for March 11,2016

Good morning Odd Brethren! Thank you all for a wonderful meeting last night. We had 14 members in attendance, but we sure missed y’all who didn’t make it !
After skipping two weeks due to weather, it was great to be together again.



New Members
We unanimously approved  the application of Andrea Eller for membership. Welcome!!

New Business
Bryna introduced the idea of creating a support network for folks who are working to get their lives on track. We are going to form a committee to explore that further.
Also introduced were the ideas of an Adopt A Highway project for the  Lodge, and possibly volunteering some with Habitat for Humanity.
We would also like to encourage everyone to get involved with our social media campaign. This is a very good way to get the word out about what we do, as well as meeting Odd Fellows from around the globe!


Twitter: @jeffersonlodge38

Instagram: Jeffersonlodgeoddfellows

Facebook: Jefferson Lodge Odd Fellows

The password to access all of these accounts is the same as the Lodge password for 2016.
Deb Grubb agreed to collect contact info for everyone.

For The Good Of The Order
$300 to Joyce Boyer who is struggling with medical bills for her husband.  $300 to Trae Simmons, a teacher at the high school who is battling cancer.
There is a Benefit arranged for him by the staff at ACHS on the 19th. It was suggested we attend the event together like we did with the Coe Benefit. We had a blast that day!
Some of the guys are going to pitch in to help a lady move on Saturday. If you would like to help, please contact Blythe or Seth.


After the meeting some of us went over to the Hotel Tavern and visited for a bit. It wasn’t all fun.. Really!! We did talk some about the Spring Fling Fundraiser, and maybe ordering some more Odd Fellows T-shirts and possibly hoodies. Mostly we just had fun and did a lot of laughing.

Nancy Weaver

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