Odd News April 9, 2016

Greetings Brethren!

We hope this letter finds you all keeping well and warm on this “odd” and snow sprinkled April weekend! Be sure to take advantage of this last spurt of winter and catch some extra needed rest, as our Lodge has been very busy as of late! It has been tiring yet wonderful! Between new initiatory celebrations,”odd” acts of kindness, and the planning of fundraisers, we have all been very busy yet blessed!! I’m sure we all could use a weekend of rest and renewal!


We are very happy to announce, that our Jefferson Lodge #38 had another new initiatory degree this last week! Welcome to our new Sister Betty Maine in Friendship, Love and Truth! Feeling very proud to be part of a thriving Lodge, with so many wonderful people willing to take action in compassion!0407162012b

For The Good of The Order

  • Brothers Moseley and Eller began repairs on the home of the Hospice referred family. They were making headway, and will continue repairs weather permitting. It was reported by both of our Brothers, that the family  is extremely grateful for the kindness.
  • Sister Kathy Weaver proposed that we also take a look at Sister Hilliard’s  mother’s home, in that it also has a leak of some sort, causing mold in the home. Sister Grubb seconded the motion and Brothers Michael Eller, Donnie Mosely and Seth Hilliard plan to go out and investigate the problem and begin repairs.
  • Hospice referred another family to Oddfellows via Sister Lori Hoffman. Brother Dillon Culbreth went out to do a needs assessment, but had trouble finding the home. He is getting clarity on that, and will return promptly.
  • Discussion about the upcoming fundraiser and details on where it will be held. Additionally, there will not be a car show at this event; due to requiring approval that would be needed from the town.
  • Three “Get Well Soon” cards were signed, including one for our dear Sister Nancy Weaver! She hasn’t been feeling well and we sure hope she will get relief soon! Much love to Nancy!

God Works in Mysterious Ways : Follow Up

Wanted to do a brief follow-up on Baby Layla. She is doing well! Sister Blythe Hilliard and Brother Seth Hilliard have continued to stay in contact with new mother Sabrina Little. She went this past Thursday before the Lodge meeting to watch the baby for a few hours. Sister and Brother Hilliard have been able to run a few errands for Sabrina,  do some light grocery shopping for her and were able to take her to a doctor’s appointment Friday morning. Please continue to keep Baby Layla and Miss Sabrina Little in your prayers, as being a single new mother can prove to be very challenging! Sabrina asked Blythe to, “please thank everyone again, for everything.” The support has meant a lot to her and her family. Also a special Thank You to Sister Linda Phipps for the beautiful baby outfits!! They were precious!0407161626b0408160841


Please remember Brother Alvin Jenkins’ mother, Margaret.  She is at Margate and all prayers would be greatly appreciated. Also, prayer has been requested for Brother Gale Walker as he is in the hospital recovering from a mild stroke. Our thoughts and prayers are surely with them all. Lastly, we sure hope you feel better soon Sister Nancy! Love and Light to everyone!

In Friendship Love & Truth,

Blythe Hilliard




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