Odd News March 23, 2017

Well folks, It’s been a while!

Nearly a year, and I’m sorry. It really just got to be such a chore writing a blog post from my phone, I truly don’t know how these young whippersnappers do it! Last week we decided to let it be known that we needed a computer for the Lodge, to run the blog and other social media accounts from…. Ask and ye shall receive, today June Weaver called me with the news that a friend of theirs, John Style had donated a laptop. Our wonderful downstairs tenant, Shane Little at Style Depot, agreed to let us use his wi-fi and here I sit writing to you from the lodge room on a brand new Dell!  Life surely is Odd and wonderful.

March Happenings

It has been a busy month.. We sent $200 to the Dean family, Odd Fellows in Wilkesboro, to help with medical expenses. Also $200 to Betty Greer of Ashe County who is unable to work… many of us who have had family in Hospice care or at Hillview Nursing Home know Mrs. Betty as an exemplary caregiver… It is truly an honor to be able to turn that around and help her for a change.

Our March OddFellowship Potluck was a total success!  We ate well and laughed a lot. If you missed it, put April 15 on your calendar for the next one.



Our April Fool’s Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser is coming up fast !  Sam reminded us tonight that it is also the opening day of trout season, so remind all the fishing folks you know that they can come here for a wonderful breakfast after they catch their limit.

In Friendship Love and Truth,

Nancy Weaver, Vice Grand

Jefferson Lodge IOOF

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