Odd News January 2018

Happy New Year Y’all!

I know, I know.. Better late than never though, right?

So, I slacked off a bit last year and I’m sorry.  I got sick, and quite frankly, I don’t like to write on this blog when I feel like I’m bringing low energy to it. It feels like cheating, like I’m not giving the Lodge my best. We do so much good for so many.. Is there another organization like this one in the whole world?  One of our newest sisters, Frances Grig, chastised me a bit.. I needed it.. about our online presence, or lack thereof. I agreed with her and if I’d been in reaching distance, would have hugged her when she offered to take over the blog and the social media presence. Sadly, Fran had a stroke the next day and is still recovering, so until she is back to full steam.. I reckon y’all are just stuck with me.

I would like to reiterate, that anyone can, and is encouraged to, contribute to this blog anytime! We are the proud brethren of several talented writers in this lodge, I happen to know.. so don’t hide your light under a bushel.. If you need the password for this or any of the social media accounts, holler at me.  Same goes for the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Elections were held Jan 11, and an installation ceremony will be held as soon as Grand Master Gerald McAlister and Past Grand Sam Weaver can coordinate a date.

We initiated 5 new Odd Fellows to end 2017, Fran & Eric Grig , Jim and Sherry Thompson, and Ricky Dishman.  Welcome to you all!

I would very much like to have a brainstorming meeting with all our members about the upcoming year. Do we want to continue our Birthday Dinner potlucks? Our Pancake Breakfasts? Maybe revisit some t-shirt sales? Do you have new and exciting ideas for the Jefferson Lodge in 2018?

Mr John Styles has generously donated a reconditioned Dell Laptop Computer for us to raffle off! Please take tickets and sell them! Folks can see the laptop at NAPA … and tickets are also available there. Gary Lohse made up the tickets, had them printed and mailed them to us, at his cost, from California!  How fortunate are we to have so many people supporting our mission?

In Friendship, Love & Truth, Nancy

PS. If this is the first time you’ve been aware of this blog, it is intended to serve as a newsletter/web presence for our Lodge. If you wouldn’t mind subscribing, just click the widget on the sidebar and follow.. it will then be delivered to your email, and if you’d share with others…  My vision for this blog is that with enough participation, it grows large enough to possibly garner some income for the lodge…  check out the Heart In Hand blog to see what’s possible. https://oddfellowsguide.com/2018/01/10/the-gift-of-time-by-kelly-hughes/ 

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