February 2018

Happy February Y’all! We sure have had a busy month catching up from the holidays and all the bad weather.

First off, we finally got to have Officer Installations.

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Officers are as follows:

Past Grand : Jim Lambert
Noble Grand : Nancy Weaver
Vice Grand :Debbie Grubb
Treasurer: Dillon Culbreth
Secretary : Lori Hoffman
Financial Secretary : Bryna Grig
Warden : Sam Weaver
Chaplain: Robert Landen & Blythe Hilliard
Inside Guardian : Joe Cockerham
Outside Guardian and Mascot: Copper the Odd Dog

Girl Scout Troop #10304 held their Valentine’s Day Love Your Neighbor Party here at the Lodge.  They had refreshments and giggled a lot as they gathered gifts and made cards for Hospitality House, our nearby shelter for people experiencing homelessness.

Three members of the troop are daughters of Odd Fellows, and we learned one mom had been researching how to join us since finding out her grandfather had been an Odd Fellow. We got her an application right quick !
These girls represent the future of our nation … We are so proud to be able to support them!

Speaking of Scouts…..

They got really excited about all the ways that Odd Fellows help people, and wanted to know how they could help us… so of course we immediately took them up on it and they began to plan our next pancake breakfast!  St Patrick’s Day will be the theme on March 17.. we did talk them out of the green pancakes tho !   Y’all come join us.

St Patrick’s Day Pancake Breakfast

In other news, it’s about time for an Odd Fellowship Potluck & Game Night!! February 24 at 5:00 at the Lodge, bring your smiling face, family, friends and a bite of food to share and hang out with us!

These are a blast y’all.. good food, good friends, good fun.. celebratin’ birthdays for the month if we have any. Click here for more info   Odd Fellowship

For the Good of the Order 

This month has been busy also in giving!  A family in our lodge needed a new washing machine and Joe Cockerham found them one and with the weather and all… well … Sam and Zachary carried it 85 yards up their driveway!  That’s Odd Fellowship in action !!!

We were able to help a lady make up her rent $180, that was pretty awesome.. relieving the distress!

We will be hosting the 4th District Meeting in April.. stay tuned for more information.

We have 5 new members waiting to do degree work, we have 3 new applicants. I love this Lodge. I love being an Odd Fellow.

Til next time,
In Friendship Love &Truth,
Nancy Weaver

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