Odd Fellows

Wrinkled Wisdom

If Odd Fellowship was a building, I think it would look like ours.. steeped in character, bursting with the secrets hidden within it’s walls.

If Odd Fellowship was a mountain, it would be enduring and blue and worn with time.

If Odd Fellowship was water, it would be a mountain spring, cold and clear and full of truth.

If Odd Fellowship was a boat, it would be a tall ship with billowing white sails.. promising safe passage for those in her care.

If Odd Fellowship was a dog, it would be a Golden Retriever with a white muzzle and eyes that see into your soul promising boundless love without judgement.

If Odd Fellowship was a bird, it would be a wise old owl.

If Odd Fellowship was a woman, it would have smiling eyes and  wrinkles.

FLT, Nancy


WordPress has a daily one word writing prompt that I have decided to  utilize in order to make our blog a bit more relevant, not only to the brethren of Lodge #38, but to the greater community of Odd Fellowship as well.  Plus, it will be a fun challenge trying to apply random words to an Odd Fellowship theme. If you’d like to write something and have forgotten the login info, shoot me a text.. this would be a blast if we were all contributing!

via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle


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