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One And The Same

via Daily Prompt: Identical


Our wonderfully Odd fraternity is ancient and far-reaching with  members all over the world. The basic tenets of Odd Fellowship are the same wherever you go. But identical? Nope! If we were all alike, we wouldn't be Odd, now would we?

The other day a Noble Grand from Cuba texted me on Facebook and was insistent that I must be a Rebekah, because Odd Fellows doesn't allow women to be Noble Grands! Some lodges make large donations to charities, some focus on scholarships or funeral bills. The Jefferson Lodge focuses on crisis intervention, keeping heat on, or glasses paid for, groceries bought or rent paid...

So while we do the other stuff too, I suppose our main concern is "To relieve the distress" I believe the figure for last year was over $7000 dollars, about $6000 the year before.

Our rituals are the same in any Lodge, we follow the same format in meetings.. but identical? No.


Lodges are made up of individuals who are unique human beings.. in Odd Fellowship we can celebrate  diversity within our oneness.

That's very odd, and being odd is a very good thing!

In Friendship Love & Truth,

Nancy Weaver, Noble Grand

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