Compassion: What It Means to An Odd Fellow!


Jefferson Odd Fellows Lodge # 38

What is true compassion?

According to almighty google, compassion summed up in one sentence is to have sympathetic compassion of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it! I must agree! It is that part of the heart and soul that empathitcally can feel the sufferings of others, as if the distress were happening to them or their loved ones, therefore the desire to ease their suffering. Some people are more called to action than others regarding this; this is where an Odd Fellow brother or sister stands apart from many in their community. As Odd Fellows we are tenaciously pulled to put compassion into action for those in need in our community!!! True compassion has no prejudice, no judgement, no expectation for what is to be gained for ego’s purpose; but only for the ability to give the gift of true love and compassion to a child or family in need. No matter politics, no matter race, or any decision of personal orientation..our question is, “what can we do to help?”.  This is our concern.

Acts of Compassion

Compassion can be shown in so many ways. Not all acts must be some grand notion, all acts are blessings. What I most enjoy about being an Oddfellow though, is that due to so many major stresses for the needy in our rural community revolve around chronic poverty, we are able to help provide some relief in this most stressing area. An unfortunate truth to chronic poverty is that many situations arise, that for many would not be a crisis, but for a struggling family this could be exactly their case. Just one instance of bad luck or illness can quickly snowball into a crisis or series’ there of. This is a reality that not all understand! Listening compassionately is an important part of being a thriving and impactful Lodge. Compassion in action always feels like a blessing  to be a part of. To able to allievate some small part of the financial burden for these families during trying and stressful times is so rewarding for our Lodge. This is where all the hard work from the fundraising and the generous donations from our community really pays off! Being able to offer something that really makes a difference, at least for a moment. Although for some families an act of compassion can be the beginning of their hardships turning around. Apart from financial relief to families in crisis, a good Lodge has a presence in their community of support in general. A visit to a friend in the hospital, the phone call that says , “how are you?” or “are you okay”. The hug and the “it’s so good to see you” to all of our friends and neighbors! The prayer for the sick. A prayer for the suffering children. A4B7D47E-3053-432C-9C32-9AEE97ABDF85

Compassion is shown in your words. Compassion is shown through your actions. How you treat others, and how you speak of others. As an Odd Fellow I try to keep this at the forefront of my mind, mouth and heart. Friendship, love and truth are all centerd in compassion. I’m so thankful to be in service with all of my fellow Odd brethren! Let’s continue to keep up the hard work Jefferson Odd Fellow Lodge #38 and continue to be a beacon of fellowship, hope and compassion for the Ashe community!


In Friendship Love and Truth!

Sister Blythe Hilliard

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