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Faceless Distress


viaDaily Prompt: Faceless

Yesterday our Lodge was able to contribute $235 to a fund for a local child to attend a Chorale trip to Nashville TN.


No, it’s not a lot, but if you think it’s not a big deal…

Then you’ve never been that kid. The one who is making up excuses to her classmates because she can’t afford it.. whatever the it was at the moment. The kid who doesn’t tell her parents about field trips. She knows the money isn’t there. She knows her parents will worry and they’ve got enough to worry about

If you think $235 is not a big deal, you’ve never been the Mama crying herself to sleep because $235 might as well be 235 million.

If you think it’s not a big deal, then you are part of the problem.

If your first thought is maybe she shouldn’t have so many kids…

Then you’ve never been in the sort of relationship that robbed you of that choice.

If your first thought is maybe she should manage her money better…

Then you’ve never worked your butt off at two jobs to keep the lights on and food in the house. Only to come up a hundred or two a week short.

If your first thought is ANYTHING except one based in love…

Then you’ve never looked at poverty through the lens of the faceless woman who is doing all she can. She needs our love and every ounce of support we can give her.

If your first thought is, let’s get that kid taken care of and what else can we do…

Then you have the heart of an Odd Fellow.

In Friendship Love & Truth,






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