Here We Grow Again

Sigh.. it’s a running refrain with me .. I’ll do really well posting to the blog, then I drop the ball for two months (or twelve). I’m sorry guys, I do know how important this is, sometimes the words just won’t come ! This is your reminder.. encouragement..  that everyone is welcome to write this blog at any time.. it would actually be awesome if we had several contributors. If you’d like to write sometime, hit me up for the log in info.

We are about to initiate our 10th new member in the last 2 months! So exciting! We welcome you all in Friendship Love & Truth and feel truly privileged to be able to call you Brothers and Sisters! I know if I try to list the names I will miss someone.. please forgive me if I don’t and know that you are all treasures and we are thrilled to have you!

Our Odd Fellowship gatherings are really picking up steam and becoming so enjoyable! Thank you for your participation. Socializing together is an integral part of making us a family, one of the many ways Odd Fellows is a special organization.

One of our new brothers, John Styles, made the observation that we should all be using Shane Little for our hair care! Why that never occurred to the rest of us I don’t know.. but it makes a ton of sense!! Shane always gives us a sizable Pancake Breakfast donation, lets us use his WiFi.. in addition to paying his rent on time and having a long term lease ! He’s amazing and we should support him every way we can.

Brother Tom Weaver always said the Odd Fellows is the best kept secret thats not a secret in Ashe County.. in the spirit of changing this, we have a couple new things! Our application is in with DOT for Adopt a Highway.  We have beautiful business cards to hand out whenever one of us “does a kindness” for someone. Sister Karen Day has been making great vinyl car window stickers .. she’s got some really cool designs! Hit her up for one or 3! She can also do coffee cups and t-shirts.. personally, I want a t-shirt that says “FL&T Y’all”

I was just reflecting on the fact that we have lost four members this year.

Brother Jim Lambert and Brother Tom Weaver, both Past Grand Masters. Incredibly special men who were lifelong Odd Fellows. Our Lodge and our lives are richer for knowing them.

Frances Grig passed last Thursday. Sister Fran and her husband Eric were initiated last November, and soon after she suffered a massive stroke and never really recovered from it. She was also the mother of our Financial Secretary Bryna Grig. I am sorry she didn’t get the chance to really enjoy Odd Fellows.

Today we learned of the loss on July 4th of Brother Terry Joel Saunders. Terry was a wonderful Odd Fellow who hadn’t been active for a bit. He recently told Debbie Grubb he was thinking of coming back.

The loss of  Brothers Tom, Jim, Terry and Sister Fran leaves a hole in our Lodge and in our hearts. Please keep their families in your hearts.

Reminder that meetings are the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 7pm. Odd Fellowship gatherings are on the 3rd Sunday at 5. This month we are changing things up a bit and having a picnic at the New River State Park, Wagner Access off Hwy 88 in Jefferson. We have the shelter reserved for 4 o’clock til close. Bring river clothes! Bring Family! Bring friends!

See y’all tomorrow!

In Friendship Love & Truth,




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