Happy New Year

And here we are at the end of another year. I just realized this will be my 10th year as an Odd Fellow! Time sure does fly these days.

The Jefferson Lodge has certainly been a hive of extremely busy bees this year!

We’ve helped so many people in our community it’s hard to count them.. our crowning achievement this year is our Emergency Food Stash. We found that when we helped people in other ways, food, rather the lack of, was almost always an auxiliary issue.

Darla Badger, a brand new member, took hold of the reins and made a stash of food stored at the Lodge a reality. With much hard work by Darla and many donations from the community we are stocked up and able to help those in crisis.

It was brought to my attention by a rather astute brother (thanks Eric!) That in all our work in the community, in our tunnel vision and zeal to help others, we were neglecting ourselves. He’s right! A healthy, well balanced lodge must have three branches.

The building itself. These old building need a lot of TLC! And we need to be sure we have a facility that is easily accessible to everyone.

The focus of the Lodge. Our Lodge has found a niche in “Relieving the Distress” but some choose to focus on education, scholarships.. “Educating the Orphan” . Or one of the other Commands. Bottom line is, a lodge must have a focus. People need to feel the time they spend makes a difference.

Ourselves! You don’t form true fraternity by neglecting the social aspects of the lodge. We have to play together to stay together. Disputes and strife tend to fade away when people love each other and treat that love as a verb instead of a noun. Practice practice practice!

Here’s to a wonderful new year filled with Oddness and Love.

In Friendship Love & Truth,

Nancy Weaver

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