Reflecting On Being Odd

So this morning I asked our Treasurer, Darla Badger, if she could give us a ball park figure on how much money we have put into the community this year…she did.. and we were all speechless.
You ready ?
Seriously y’all.
That’s Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred Eighteen Dollars and Forty Six Cents.
For car repairs, medication, eye exams and glasses, car tags and insurance, electric bills, heat, school lunch accounts, Girl Scout uniforms, class trips, medical bills, home repairs… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

keep calm im an odd fellow

I don’t have words. Or as the young people say, “I just can’t even y’all!”
Our Odd little hearts are so full of gratitude for all the donations you have made, for all the pancakes you have eaten, and the Angel Alerts you’ve responded to. Oh my word, I just realized that figure doesn’t include the times we’ve asked and you’ve responded by paying electric bills or for heating fuel directly to Blue Ridge Energies. Or the food that has been distributed. Or the gas and time given taking someone to the doctor or a job interview or DSS. I know of one time when an Odd Sister and her Dad took their backhoe out and fixed someones driveway personally.

I am so proud to be a part of the Jefferson Odd Fellows right this moment. My heart’s just about to bust and joy keeps leaking out of my eyes.

Got to go on the Happy Time Show tomorrow at 8:30 to talk about our upcoming pancake breakfast… Keep me in your prayers that I can share this news without tearing up and making a complete fool of myself.

Jefferson Odd Fellows Pancake Breakfast
November 9, 2019 8AM-11AM
All you can eat for whatever you can pay
Smethport UMC

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