New Year’s Resolutions For Odd People

The Jefferson Lodge is heading into 2019 with a bang! Our Emergency Food Stash is off to a rousing start, thanks to your generous donations. We got a call from a reporter with one of the local papers today. The reporter, Vicki Randolph,  said when her editor gave her the assignment, she was proud to… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions For Odd People

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Faceless Distress

  viaDaily Prompt: Faceless Yesterday our Lodge was able to contribute $235 to a fund for a local child to attend a Chorale trip to Nashville TN. No, it's not a lot, but if you think it's not a big deal... Then you've never been that kid. The one who is making up excuses to… Continue reading Faceless Distress


Compassion: What It Means to An Odd Fellow!

  Jefferson Odd Fellows Lodge # 38 What is true compassion? According to almighty google, compassion summed up in one sentence is to have sympathetic compassion of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it! I must agree! It is that part of the heart and soul that empathitcally can feel the sufferings of… Continue reading Compassion: What It Means to An Odd Fellow!

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Removing Our Invisibility Cloak

via Daily Prompt: Invisible Our Odd Fellows Lodge has been located on this block of Main Street in Jefferson, NC directly across the street from the old courthouse, now the Museum Of Ashe County History, since 1906. In 1958 we traded property with the Bank of Ashe and moved into that building. Most folks don't… Continue reading Removing Our Invisibility Cloak

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One And The Same

via Daily Prompt: Identical Identical Our wonderfully Odd fraternity is ancient and far-reaching with  members all over the world. The basic tenets of Odd Fellowship are the same wherever you go. But identical? Nope! If we were all alike, we wouldn't be Odd, now would we? The other day a Noble Grand from Cuba texted… Continue reading One And The Same


GUOOF: Looking back at 175 years of excellence, then looking forward… -by Bro. Supreme Page

Heart in Hand

By Brother Supreme Page

Originally posted on GUOOF.org

I greet you all quite early this morning in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth!

Many historians note the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddFellows as one of the most significant black mutual aid societies even at its beginning stages in the 1840’s. By the 1880’s, the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows underwent a remarkable expansion period and went far beyond the local pockets of membership of its early days.  The development occurred in a time of increased racial consciousness and institutionalized self-help for blacks.

I reflect on the fact that today marks our 175th anniversary of existence in this country !!!! Hmmm….. I am not even sure where to go with my thoughts on the subject matter being that we have done so much with so little light shined upon us that we have nearly secreted ourselves to death ! I am grateful for…

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