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Faceless Distress

  viaDaily Prompt: Faceless Yesterday our Lodge was able to contribute $235 to a fund for a local child to attend a Chorale trip to Nashville TN. No, it's not a lot, but if you think it's not a big deal... Then you've never been that kid. The one who is making up excuses to… Continue reading Faceless Distress

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Removing Our Invisibility Cloak

via Daily Prompt: Invisible Our Odd Fellows Lodge has been located on this block of Main Street in Jefferson, NC directly across the street from the old courthouse, now the Museum Of Ashe County History, since 1906. In 1958 we traded property with the Bank of Ashe and moved into that building. Most folks don't… Continue reading Removing Our Invisibility Cloak

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One And The Same

via Daily Prompt: Identical Identical Our wonderfully Odd fraternity is ancient and far-reaching with  members all over the world. The basic tenets of Odd Fellowship are the same wherever you go. But identical? Nope! If we were all alike, we wouldn't be Odd, now would we? The other day a Noble Grand from Cuba texted… Continue reading One And The Same

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Slow & Steady Wins The Race… It Also Builds The Lodge

via Daily Prompt: Patience How poor are they who have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees. WilliamShakespeare Do you ever feel like growing our membership is like watching the first seeds in the garden sprout ? Those tiny shoots poke their tender green heads through the soil, and that extremely adorable… Continue reading Slow & Steady Wins The Race… It Also Builds The Lodge

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Wrinkled Wisdom

If Odd Fellowship was a building, I think it would look like ours.. steeped in character, bursting with the secrets hidden within it's walls. If Odd Fellowship was a mountain, it would be enduring and blue and worn with time. If Odd Fellowship was water, it would be a mountain spring, cold and clear and… Continue reading Wrinkled Wisdom