Do You Have a Plan? by Toby Hanson DGM, WA

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Do You Have a Plan?
Toby Hanson, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Washington, IOOF

On a cold December day I finally realized something important about my knowledge of Odd Fellowship: I knew how to find answers to just about any procedural question in the Code of General Laws; I knew the signs and passwords of the lodge, Grand Lodge, encampment, and Grand Encampment; I knew the Grand Secretaries of all the neighboring jurisdictions; but I didn’t know how to turn on the heat in the lodge hall.


My lodge, Buckley #75, has produced a Sovereign Grand Master, Art Craig.  His portrait looks benevolently down on the Noble Grand’s station, keeping watch over everything we do in our lodge.  However, when it comes to getting information on how to operate the systems of the lodge or its building, the portrait is frustratingly mute.  Until two years ago, we had a…

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Odd Fellows

Wrinkled Wisdom

If Odd Fellowship was a building, I think it would look like ours.. steeped in character, bursting with the secrets hidden within it's walls. If Odd Fellowship was a mountain, it would be enduring and blue and worn with time. If Odd Fellowship was water, it would be a mountain spring, cold and clear and… Continue reading Wrinkled Wisdom


Of Lions, Lambs & All Things Odd

   Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn. ~Quoted by Lewis Grizzard in Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You  March sure is acting quite leonine this week, hopefully this means Easter weekend will be sunny, serene and lamblike ! Speaking of lambs... I can't resist putting a picture in of… Continue reading Of Lions, Lambs & All Things Odd


February 2018

Happy February Y'all! We sure have had a busy month catching up from the holidays and all the bad weather. First off, we finally got to have Officer Installations. Officers are as follows: Past Grand : Jim Lambert Noble Grand : Nancy Weaver Vice Grand :Debbie Grubb Treasurer: Dillon Culbreth Secretary : Lori Hoffman Financial… Continue reading February 2018


Odd News January 2018

Happy New Year Y'all! I know, I know.. Better late than never though, right? So, I slacked off a bit last year and I'm sorry.  I got sick, and quite frankly, I don't like to write on this blog when I feel like I'm bringing low energy to it. It feels like cheating, like I'm… Continue reading Odd News January 2018


Odd News April 9, 2016

Greetings Brethren! We hope this letter finds you all keeping well and warm on this "odd" and snow sprinkled April weekend! Be sure to take advantage of this last spurt of winter and catch some extra needed rest, as our Lodge has been very busy as of late! It has been tiring yet wonderful! Between… Continue reading Odd News April 9, 2016


Odd News March 25,2016

Greetings Brethren! Sorry for missing last week's news, I'll try to catch it all up with this one. Jefferson Lodge has sure been busy this month! Seems like we are sort of settling into dealing with our rapid growth... At first the growing pains were ..well painful. Doesn't it feel good to hear the laughter… Continue reading Odd News March 25,2016


Odd News for March 11,2016

Good morning Odd Brethren! Thank you all for a wonderful meeting last night. We had 14 members in attendance, but we sure missed y'all who didn't make it ! After skipping two weeks due to weather, it was great to be together again. New Members We unanimously approved  the application of Andrea Eller for membership.… Continue reading Odd News for March 11,2016